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      “等离子体法”,采用脉冲高压高频等离子体电源和齿板放电装置,使其产生高强度、高浓度、高电能的活性自由基,在毫秒级的时间内,瞬间对有害废气分子进行氧化还原反应,将废气中的大部分污染物降解成二氧化碳和水及易处理的物质。等离子体净化技术是指利用脉冲电晕放电产生的高能电子,电子、离子、自由基和中性粒子以每秒钟300万次至3000万次的速度反复轰击发生异味的分子,去激活、电离、裂解工业废气中的各组分,使之发生氧化等一系列复杂的化学反应,存在于等离子体内的(OH-、、O-2 H+、O3)直接打开有机气体分子间的分子键,使有害气体分解,最终排放CO2、H2O等无害物质,同时产生的大量负离子可以清新空气。










    Detailed introduction:
    Treatment principle of waste gas absorption tower
    The basic principle is to use the contact between the gas and the liquid, and transfer the pollutants in the gas to the liquid, and then separate the clean gas from the polluted liquid to achieve the purpose of clean air. 
    After the [ granular pollutants ] in the air flow contact with the cleaning liquid, the droplet or liquid film diffusion is attached to the airflow particle, or the particle is humidified, so that the particles can be separated and removed by gravity and inertia force. [ gaseous pollutants ] are transported into the washing liquid by means of mass transfer such as turbulence, molecular diffusion, and chemical reaction to achieve the purpose of separation from the flow gas. And the chemical substances can be added in the cleaning liquid to absorb the form of odor control substances. 
    The waste gas is treated by the reverse absorption of the gas liquid through the packed washing tower, that is, the liquid is sprayed downward from the top of the tower in mist ( or small drops of water ). The exhaust gas is from the bottom of the tower ( reverse flow ) to reach the purpose of gas-liquid contact. This treatment can cool the exhaust gas temperature, gas conditioning, and particle removal. After the demist section is treated, it is discharged into the atmosphere. 
    " plasma method ", pulsed high frequency plasma power supply and dental plate discharge device are used to produce high strength, high concentration and high energy reactive free radicals, in millisecond time, the harmful exhaust molecules are oxidized to reduce the reaction, most of the pollutants in the waste gas into carbon dioxide and water and easily treated substances. Plasma purification technology refers to the high energy electrons generated by pulse corona discharge, the electrons, ions, free radicals and neutral particles repeatedly bombarded the molecules with the speed of three million to 30 million times per second, to activate, ionization, and pyrolysis industrial waste gas components, such as oxidation and so on a series of complex chemical reactions, the presence in the plasma ( oh -, o - 2 h +, O3 ) to open the molecular bonds between the organic molecules, causing harmful gas decomposition, and ultimately emit CO2, H2O and other harmless substances, and the large amount of anion can clean air. 
    Functional characteristics
    1. has high purification efficiency and can purify many kinds of pollutants at the same time; 
    2. the equipment has fire prevention performance, which is automatically protected by overload, leakage current and open door power. 
    3. the product modular design is made, easy to install and convenient to maintain,
    4. the equipment is small in volume, compact in structure, mature in process and safe in safety
    5. the equipment has less investment, low operation cost, high purification efficiency, and no secondary pollution characteristics
    6. beautiful appearance, small wind resistance, low noise, strong corrosion resistance, long service life. 
    Applicable venue
    Electronic industry, semiconductor manufacturing, PCB manufacturing, LCD manufacturing, steel and metal industries, electroplating and metal surface treatment industries, acid pickling processes, dyes / pharmaceutical / chemical industries, removal of Sox / NOx from odor / chlorine neutralization, combustion effluent Sox / NOx, other water - soluble air pollution paint workshops, printing ink, spraying workshop, chemical, mechanical processing, pharmaceutical, rubber, food, printing, papermaking, brewing and other production processes of low concentrations of organic waste gas and inorganic waste gas.

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